Physical Therapy & Orthotics

637 Minot Avenue ~ Auburn, Maine 04210 ~ (207) 783-3393


The restoration of normal movement and range of motion is key to reducing pain and dysfunction. To achieve this, we have a large and comfortable gym and a therapeutic pool.


We have a fully equipped exercise area that is designed for maximum patient benefit in a comfortable atmosphere.gym

Treadmill   recumbent bikes paramount     rebounder    gym mirrored wall   mat table

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Exercise performed in our warm water pool is comfortable and safe. The depth of our 90 degree therapeutic pool makes it possible for individuals with back pain, leg pain or poor balance to walk and exercise daily, even when they cannot walk or stand comfortably on land.

Clients access the pool by a mechanical lift or stairs.

Aquatic programs are structured for various diagnoses:

Patients that have completed their course of therapy at our facility may continue their aquatic exercises by joining our Post Discharge Aquatic Therapy Program. This unique opportunity allows the patient to pay a monthly fee for unlimited use of our pool facility during our regular business hours.

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A modality is the application of a physical agent such as light, sound waves, electrical stimulation, heat or cold. They are used for the purpose of achieving tissue healing, pain relief and muscle training.

Some of the modalities we use:

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Kinesio Taping

An exciting new option available to therapists which enhances current treatment strategies.

Kinesio tape is an elastic, non-latex cotton tape that is applied to relieve pain or abnormal feeling in skin and muscles, to facilitate, support or inhibit a specific muscle; to relieve congestion (lymphatic or subcutaneous hemorrhages); to correct misalignment or a joint; and/or to improve kinesthetic awareness of posture and alignment. Kinesio Tape has a wide population application from geriatrics to high level athletes. 

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